• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Uncertainty and Loneliness

Loneliness is a psychological pandemic having an influence on human living ranging from sadness to suicide. Why should this be so? The pervasive uncertainty of life and the universal sense of isolation together generate a psychic disturbance ranging from agitation on the one hand and desperation on the other.

Rare individuals (who neither unconsciously endure in a sea of unknowing or who desperately seek connection through distraction, entertainment or clinging) rise up to meet the disconnected angst through seeking to understand their common human circumstance. Such seekers study themselves in order to understand the nature of loneliness and the uncertainty of life. Many such seekers actually find answers.

While self study provides some clues, seekers who enlist the practice of meditation eventually find at least a partial solution to the problem of loneliness and uncertainty.

When these twin psychological states of mind are thrown skilfully into the meditative state, a magical transformation occurs. In this state, where the attention is eventually fixed upon, the idea of loneliness itself and the feeling state of uncertainty is embraced head on. Welcome the magic, almost imperceptible, that takes place. The meditators initial loneliness dissipates in a realm of inner connectedness, a sense of unity with all creation, from the quantum to the cosmic.

The always lurking material uncertainty-driven angst is replaced by an experience of sureness, of abiding contentment freed from doubt. The mind and ego feel at rest, as if this new, abiding state of calm were eternally available in the meditative state and beyond it.

Such a state of consciousness, while at first tenuous, with faithful practice becomes stable and becomes stable and brings to the novice seeker uncommon contentment, faith and even joy.

It is only in embracing the loneliness that the idea of loneliness is exposed as false. That unity is all there is. This truth must be contemplated.

It is only in welcoming and entering into the uncertainty that its lie is exposed. This idea, this state, must be meditated upon until it becomes clear and stable.

An illustration of this is the idea of dying that this is a certainty and this surety becomes a consolation when embraces as design, as an integral component of the as yet undisclosed mosaic of existence.

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