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Dr. Trausch, a former Divine Word Missionary monk of 8 years, a former police homicide and criminal investigator of ten years, and a psychotherapist, educator, lecturer, and consultant. He holds master's and doctoral degrees in education and counseling psychology from Northern Illinois University. He has graduated from the Gestalt Institute of Chicago, Loyola Medical School Sexual Therapy Clinic, and the Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco. He is a faculty member of both the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and the University of Phoenix. 

He has conducted and published his dissertation research in the area of meditation, self-actualization, and intuition. His research demonstrates a statistically significant relationship between extrasensory perception, and self-actualized qualities resulting from long-term meditation practice. 

Dr. Trausch has traveled and lived in India and other Far Eastern countries during the 1980s, studying principles and practices of the great wisdom traditions, especially meditation, mind/body medicine, and both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy and psychology. 

For decades he has taught and practiced Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Body/Mind Medicine principles, and applied metaphysics. He has conducted hundreds of extended meditation retreats in wilderness, monastic, and organizational settings. During this time he has directed both the Center for Counseling Arts, a holistic health center, and Anava Hermitage, a 220-acre retreat center in the Midwest, where he conducted psychospiritual growth intensives, and guided seekers. 

He is the founder of Clarion Consulting Services, through which he consults with business executives, government, and other key individuals. In addition to the centerpiece service, Keynote Presentations, services include the application of wisdom principles from transpersonal, inspirational and motivational psychology, to personal, professional, and business success, in the form of personal Self-Mastery, Empowerment, and Intuition Development workshops, Motivational presentations, Creative Problem-solving, and Life-coaching sessions, by phone, on-line through Facetime or Skype, and in person. 


Clarence P. Trausch is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and holds a Doctor of Education degree in Counseling Psychology. He is a current graduate faculty member of both the University of Phoenix, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where he teaches counseling psychology, transpersonal philosophy, the psychology of wellness, and mind/body medicine. He is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and a specialist in Motivation and Guided Imagery. He is also an authority on Meditation, having lived as a religious monk for eight years, and traveled to the Far East where he studied extensively with spiritual teachers.

Dr. Trausch is a Personal Life Coach and lecturer, and leads workshops in the United States in personal empowerment, meditation, intuition development, mind/body medicine, creative thinking, motivational psychology, exceptional living, and leadership. He is president of Clarion Consulting, Inc., through which he consults with government, law enforcement, business executives, and management in creative solutions, motivation, empowerment, and leadership. Most enthusiastically received are his Empowerment and Leadership presentations and workshops, which businesses use to motivate and inspire their management team and employees.

Dr. Trausch has graduated from the Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco; the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic of Loyola University Medical School in Chicago; the Gestalt Institute of Chicago; the Self-realization Fellowship in Los Angeles, in Kriya Yoga; and from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

He has also served for 10 years as executive director of the Center for Counseling Arts in Chicago, Illinois, practicing business consultation, education, and psychotherapy. Prior to this he has spent 10 years as a criminal investigator and homicide detective in Cook County, Illinois while obtaining his advanced degrees.

In his doctoral research, Dr. Trausch conducted experimental research on meditation, the principles of self-actualization, and intuition development. He brings the fruit of these experiences and research to his professional practice. 

Clarence P. Trausch, Ed.D. C.C.H. is co-author of Don’t Blame The Game, an inspirational and motivational account chronicling the tragedy-to-triumph life-journey of Michael Schwass, the first quadriplegic ever to stand and walk.

In Don’t Blame The Game, Dr. Trausch chronicles not only the life of his remarkable student, but along with Michael charts the formula for achieving inner wisdom, personal empowerment, and spiritual awakening - the primary elements for attaining high goals, as well as inner peace and happiness.

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Ed.D. Counseling Psychology, Northern Illinois University, 1981

M.S. Counselor Education, Northern Illinois University, 1977

B.A. Psychology/Youth Services, Roosevelt University, Chicago, 1975

A.A.S. Applied Science: Criminal Justice, Harper College, Palatine, IL. 1974

A.A. Liberal Arts, Harper College, Palatine, IL. 1972 


American Institute of Hypnotherapy Graduate.

Gabriel Richard Leadership Training Institute Graduate.

Gestalt Institute of Chicago, Graduate: Gestalt Therapy.

Midwest Center for Psychosynthesis, Graduate.

Loyola University Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, 

Maywood, IL. Graduate: Sexual Therapy Clinic.

International Transactional Analysis Association Graduate.

Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco Graduate.

State of Illinois Police Academy Graduate, Western Illinois University.

Northern Illinois Police Crime Laboratory Graduate. 


      Clarion Consulting, Redding, California - Current 

Consulting, Personal Coaching, Executive Mentoring, Solutions, 


Workshops, Motivational and Self-Mastery Seminars, Stress Management, 

Leadership Training, Psychoeducation, Meditation Training. 

      University of Phoenix, Sacramento, California 2000 - Current 
      Graduate School Faculty Member

Counseling Psychology, Education. 

      Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA - 1992 - Current 
      Global Faculty Member

Masters in Transpersonal Psychology.

Masters in Transpersonal Studies. 

      Center For Counseling Arts, Palatine & Crystal Lake, IL 1978 - 1990 
      Center Director

Counseling Coordinator, Consultant, Community Educator.

Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.

Health Program Director.

Meditation Instructor. 

      State of Illinois Police Officer, Cook County, IL 1968 - 1977 
      Illinois State Police Investigator

Youth Officer.

Police Counselor.

Criminal Investigator.

Crime Scene Technician.

Community Service Coordinator. 

      Society Of The Divine Word, Techny, IL 1960 - 1968 
      Catholic Monk:

Student of Psychology, Philosophy; Director of Education & Training. 


American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification, current.

Texas State Department of Mental Health Licensed Professional Counselor,

1980 - 1992

American Counseling Association (ACA) 1978

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Licensed SCUBA Diver

Illinois, 1975

Shelter, Inc., Board Member, IL Dept. of Children and Family Services,

1970 - 1977

Illinois Department of Children & Family Services Board Member, 1972 - 1977

Kiwanis International, Vice President, Board Member 1971 - 1977 


“Dr. Trausch actually listened to me. He treated me like my accident was an event rather than an intention. He suggested that although we have free will, many circumstances are out of our conscious control. This was good! I did not at the time know it, but this was the beginning of my journey into the realms of philosophy and wisdom.” 

“As we gradually became acquainted, he talked to me and questioned me in this calming, confident voice, and I had the thought that maybe this would work! Doctors and therapists that I had previously encountered had just pushed information down my throat. They defined me as having something wrong. I was carrying a load of guilt that I had not only been responsible for the accident, but also for how the lives of my Dad and Mom, brother and sisters had all changed. And, that I could somehow have prevented this life of gloom I now lived.” 

“I felt that I was with a friend and was so happily enchanted that I initially began to see him twice a week. He was exciting, motivating, and was presenting ideas I had never even thought existed. I learned what genuine empathy was!” 

“As our sessions progressed, Dr. Trausch proved to be a very bright young man, well versed on almost everything, highly motivated, a positive thinker expressing confidence every moment. He reminded me of the boxer Mohammad Ali who, although he could knock you out with one commanding punch, rather chose to dance, to bob and weave, to gracefully float across the ring. He would take you to the edge of possibility, and then bring you back to safety. Dr. Trausch stayed with me, moving me around the ring of creative possibilities, so to speak. It was a delight to watch him weave symbolism and metaphor into his lessons, and actually make me enjoy not only learning, but to see discipline and risk and effort in a whole new light. I don’t know if Dr. Trausch knocked his clients into enlightenment, but he had the power to do it.” 

“More time passed, and Dr. Trausch worked with me at what he called a psychological ‘threshold level,’ meaning that he would not push me emotionally beyond where I could go, or was willing to go. Equally, he told me that he would challenge me regularly to get beyond where I was, to approach the borders of my ability, and that this would include all the arenas, thinking, feeling, and movement.” 

“He showed me how through the use of my mind, I could raise and lower my temperature according to my intentions. How every thought I had, and its quality and intensity, would have an effect in my body in terms of blood flow, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, feelings of tension, stress, or wellbeing. How through mental intention, I could make muscles move, even though that movement was not pronounced enough to be seen with the eyes. This gave me previously unseen hope that I would eventually see them stir.” 

“He created incrementally difficult intention exercises for me to practice. He ushered me into crafted visualizations and guided imagery that spoke volumes to my subconscious mind, training it to assist in a unique and powerful way in carrying out my conscious intentions. He introduced me to the notion that the signals my brain could no longer send to my body because the spinal cord wire was crushed, could be transmitted from my mind through another medium, just as voices and pictures could in modern times be transmitted through the medium of space to waiting radios and televisions.” 

“He asked that I suspend my doubt and disbelief, and taught me principles that blended both spiritual faith and quantum physics in such a way that they complemented and supported each other. How could I resist?” 

“At first, no movement occurred at all. But, with willpower built through the marriage of both imagery and intention, the time came when the biofeedback signaled movement in my quadriceps even though I could visually see nothing at all. It would be such early commanding proofs that formed the motivational basis of my plan to rise, and walk.” 

“Dr. Trausch cautioned me, these ideas were not easily understood or accepted in conventional medical-model thinking. He instructed me to behave as if the principles I was being taught were true, but not to set any part of my heart on a final goal. Rather than spend all my energy in attaining my goal to walk one day, in the future I should bring genuine meaning to my life through appreciating the process itself, in the present moment. That is, whether I ever walked or not, I WAS TO GAIN MY SATISFACTION FROM THE IDEA THAT I WAS BEHAVING AS BEST I COULD. These ideas helped bring my confidence back. He had infused my spirit of wonder and promise with his presence and skill, and I was on a path. I was moving. I was growing, and it felt good.” 

“Dr. Trausch taught me to cast my intention out ahead of where I was, to a place I envisioned going, and then visualize myself growing into it. He taught me to constantly push my boundaries even though it did not at first make sense or feel good. He taught me many growth and healing formulas for body, mind, and soul alike, such as various kinds of meditation, Command Therapy, and Surrender Breathing, and we practiced them each week. In meditation training, for example, I learned how to discipline my mind like a mental martial artist. With that exercise I built a powerful concentration, and an ability to focus in such a way that I could alter my relationship with pain.” 

“Small, initial measurable changes appeared, and in subtle but definite changes in my outlook on life. The earlier feelings of impending doom that lay just below the surface of my everyday existence began to scatter, and I began, quite unconsciously, to prepare myself for what was to come.” 

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