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Wisdom Rules

When democracy mutates to oligarchy, as it will eventually, this centralization of authority, and polarization of power will be met by its extreme counterpart, anarchy.  Peaceful insurrection will be insufficient to combat the entrenched enclave of the privileged. 

     Hence, revolution follows.  Many suffer and die. This cycle is endless due to the natural awareness limitations of human beings, who do not easily learn from history or experience, but are genetically and developmentally programmed to ignore even obvious evidence.

     Yes!  There are those who do perceive and embrace the facts of history, as well as their own noble ideals.  Alas, they are too few to effectively influence the masses, and they wisely know that if they were in power, ruthlessness and greed, the bitter offspring of ignorance, would supplant them anyway.

     So, what is the course of action for those of you now awakening to and embracing this grim reality of humanity's plight?  Study truth. Do good work. Learn to meditate, and why to meditate. Seek and cultivate wisdom by becoming acquainted with and expressing acquired truth in your daily journey through this realm.  This will take time, of course! 

     Next, find a teacher that can, and is willing to take you there.  You can determine who that may be by actively seeking one, and by assessing how advantageously you grow under his or her guidance.  Don't know how?  Learn! Seeking finds. Such a high-minded journey plan will of itself increase your inner security and sense of well-being. 


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