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To Be or Not To

Is there any assurance that there is life after death?

The answer to that question is a process, a quest, that is revealed over time, like the assembly of a jig saw puzzle that one only has an idea of its possible or likely solution.

Here is one of a limitless number of scenarios. Consider a seed, any seed, take a sunflower seed. Like all seeds, it contains dormant life – life in potential, if you will. It only needs to immerse itself in Mother Earth for that potential life to spring forth according to its evolving genetic code. In this case, into a glorious sunflower. Capable of following the shining sun across its orbit in the cosmic sky. In this case, the seed of life, dropped by its parent sunflower, lives its sunflower life.

However, say the sunflower seed is eaten by a chicken as nourishment. That seed is now the participant in another, perhaps higher form of life. But, like the parent sunflower, and its offspring, neither are aware of their journey. Neither realize the process in which they are involved.

But let us say by “chance” the chicken, having eaten and been nourished by the sunflower seed, is eaten by a human. Now, seed and chicken participate in a higher form of conscious life – one more aware- and conscious of all that has occurred between the sunflower seed and the chicken.

The human can conceive mentally of the process and at this, its stage of evolution, such that its own human life force (like the seed’s) may participate in an even higher form of life- either after it being “eaten” by death, or perhaps discovered by choice in intentionally staging or discovering this possible new life in a practice available to some humans called meditation. Is it possible that by presenting oneself to “consumption” by a higher order of life through meditation – like the original sunflower seed realizing its natural Earthly incubation- a human in this quiet contemplative soil, may realize and even partake in its higher potential?

Here, meditation becomes the process by which the human “seed” of consciousness, sprouts its fuller potential in the deep soil of meditation!

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