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The Inner Driver

Student:  I am back to the books.  Have a paper to submit Wednesday evening. I am so aware of it being no coincidence that I am getting pointed back towards revisiting Siddhartha to write this paper on appraising where I am located in life.

Dr. T:  “Pointed back to Siddhartha…”  Yes, you see how serendipitously and gently we are lulled back into states of mind that conduce to our advancement!  And this all happening simultaneously with both dark and light forces within seeming to vie for our attention and affections.  The real juice, the actual engine behind this process unfolding in our best interests—either force notwithstanding—is a giant motivation resting in the core of our inner space, that is uncompromisingly set upon living and loving the truth!  Seek its sweetness in meditation.


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