• Dr. Clarence Trausch

The Charm of Discovery

Often people seek answers to the “big question”, or seek knowledge that cannot be specified in a simple, straight forward way. The illustration is that of a child asking why people have laughed at an adult joke, or asking “Where is God?”.

Answers to the big question require seekers who are willing to spend the time and make the effort to understand fundamental issues relating to the question and components of reality, without which is called “big questions” cannot be fathomed.

Take another illustration. Without ever having heard of an automobile, imagine by chance encountering a spark plug, or a valve, or a muffler. Is it even conceivable that, in your mind, you could imagine upwards an entire vehicle? Hardly! So, imagine what might be part of reality based on the skimpy information now available to us from physics, psychology and mathematics!

It is likely, therefore, that our quest for answers to questions is a limitless one and that our discoveries will continue to bewilder and charm us for an eternity!

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