• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Sourcing Excitement

I see that both young and old do disturbing and damaging things to themselves and others in pursuit of adventure, excitement, pleasure, or even checking (blacking out). If these expressive attitudes and behaviors were just for excitement they may be better understood. But they are not! Rather they are for attention, for beefing up poor self-image and gaining some status from peers.

It should be quiet evident that excitement, recognition and even pleasure can be obtained from self-enhancing and self-improving behaviors and attitudes without tremendous cost.

One of my students gradually trades off excessive alcohol and partying for enhanced nutritional activities and skilled knife throwing. Another gives up toxic critical rants in favor of teaching horticulture to hungry teens. Both these students gradually find more abiding well being in the wake of alternative positive self-improvement than in dissipation. More so, neither can fathom why they ever were infected with their earlier ignorance and unproductive behavior.

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