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On the Way

I have taken a different path (than you) that frees me from the agendas of this dimension (that concern you). I have focused on raising consciousness beyond material and survival issues so as to live increasingly in a tranquil state of mind that generates increasing happiness by growing peace of mind (a peaceful mind).

As I result, I need not react to the vagaries (issues & discomforts) of this earthly life.

Shall I give that blessed process (path) up and fight for a material state that erodes and deteriorates with each passing hour?

Why are you so concerned about a losing battle, and that I should hold your view? Do you need my support or my belief to go on on your proclaimed way? I do not demean your beliefs that are completely counter to my perspective. I fail to see how my awarenesses concern you? Or how they harm me? While I am happy with my state, you seem ever stressed with anger and frustration, ever seeking for others to "see" your beliefs.

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