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Nonsensical Remorse

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Entertaining feelings of remorse and guilt for blameworthy dispositions and behavior is nonsensical and ill-willed! Such behavior only more graphically illustrates the underlying resistance to positive change that lurks deep within the disguised display of sorrow. Clearly, with a bit of rational thought, it can be realized that the best medicine, the healthiest and most virtuous course of action is to leave these indulgences and false protestations behind in favor of genuine correction of the offending disposition and behavior. How ready to forgive would a victim be if the offender not only owned his or her offense, but made ample correction and compensation. And, further, this is the behavior and cause of action that heals the offender, immediately absolving his or her own sense of guilt. All becomes well, for all parties, since the disturbance is tranquilized all around. Therefore, don't go on in lamentations over your misdeeds. Get up, go out, and correct them now! If this is beyond your current strength, seek an agent to encourage and accompany you.

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