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Intuitive Design

In order to enhance your intuitive aptitude, begin to pay attention to people and events.

People: a person’s presentation- size, shape, coloring, morphology, demeanor, movements, voice quality (tone quality), eye movements, gaze, word usage, presence, mannerisms, speed- will offer surprising insights into his/her motivation, character, aptitude, intelligence, emotional health/disturbance. You will find that if you take note of every one of these gestures or behaviors, and exaggerate them in your mind, you will get a graphic view of goings-on in that persona life.

For example, a tall, heavy set woman, mildly pleasant face, dressed in black, moving slowly, diverting her gaze, hesitant before speaking is harboring deep-seated insecurities about herself, afraid to speak for fear of offending and alienating the listener. She may otherwise seem quite normal. However, she is humming with anxiety within and no one knows. And, by extension, if you take note of her manner directly, even more insecurities will emerge for you.

To begin, choose a person and singly observe. Make no assumptions. Watch, observe and let what ever surprising impressions about that person appear do so. Just note them without extending upon projecting upon them. Note them: “conservative, angry, lonely, suspicious, judgments, defensive, divorced, near retirement, frightened of social intercourse, has a dog, lives alone”.

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