• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Has it ever caused you to reflect…

When you encounter a great insight, or truth, or someone who radiates some charismatic quality, you actually experience or feel the glow! The welcome. The well being that seems only to occur in the presence of comfort and security. Has it ever caused you to reflect upon just what this experience is and where it comes from?

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I have taken a different path (than you) that frees me from the agendas of this dimension (that concern you). I have focused on raising consciousness beyond material and survival issues so as to live

A most compelling quality of the mystical state is the overwhelming insights that form and emerge so astonishingly quick from the quieted mind. Mystical State Characteristics: Ineffable: unspeakable,

* Read self study literature *Select an inspirational or instructive passage that captures your "growth" attention. *Determine your weakness or neglect in relation to the/its ideal. *Meditate (reflect