With advanced education in philosophy and a doctoral degree in psychology, Dr. T will explore the world of metaphysics (beyond physics—the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy) and metapsychology. He will be discussing self-study, self-improvement, and the challenges that arise while trying to lead a spiritual life through lectures, discussions, writings, video interviews, and guided meditations.


Meditation Question - OM

Student: So for the past couple weeks I’ve been meditating upon Om Mani Padme Hum. A beautiful mantra, and I’ve felt spiritual...

Meditation... What's the fastest path?

The following dialogue is a conversation between Dr. T and a student inquiring about meditative practices. Camren: Hey Clarence, I have a...

Student Questions

These are a series of questions asked by a student and answered by Dr. T. Camren: As I am seeking a legitimate sadhana and as I seek to...

Q & A: Meditation

Q. Why is meditation so hard? Meditation Is not that hard. Novice meditators make it hard in a number of ways. They don’t practice....

Foggy Forest


Dr. Clarence Trausch


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