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Dr. Clarence Trausch Presentations

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

In these presentations Dr. Trausch brings to light in charming yet compelling ways, the essential components in the formula for human happiness and success.

Through the use of persuasive stories and illustrations, as well as personal experiences, Dr. Trausch inspires and then motivates audience members to initiate or accelerate their already-existing, innate desire for excellence.

Whether seeking initial stress management, personal empowerment, leadership qualities, intuitive skills, or self-mastery, audience members leave with a renewed sense of self-appreciation and heightened motivation, seeking to put into action the principles revealed and illuminated during the presentation.

Most of all, Keynote Presentations are such fun that attendees cannot but get caught up in the positive energy, which in turn ignites their enthusiasm to join in and become even more involved in the fascinating journey to personal integrity and excellence. Read what audience members are saying.

AUDIENCE REACTIONS “I cannot imagine a more interesting or well-traveled presenter than Dr. Trausch.”--Corporate Manager

“Dr. Trausch, you are an awesome lecturer!” --Pawan W. Sacramento

“My experience with Dr. Trausch was extremely enriching. Dr. Trausch’s expertise…is, quite literally, amazing to witness. He has the ability to identify and examine the core issue, or problem, for a person in a matter of minutes, all the while his approach is without judgment or reproach. When he works with a person, he is able to enlighten them with compassion, empathy, and sincere concern for their ultimate well-being.”--Sheryl B. Chico

“Dr. Trausch is a brilliant man with a heightened awareness of human nature.”--Anonymous

“Dr. Trausch has a way of getting to the core of a person’s problems and to help him or her to think out a solution.”--M. O. Anderson

“Personally, I am totally engrossed in learning new things from the dear Doctor (Trausch). He is providing us new tools in learning how to deal with our own judgments.”-- C. L. Old Shasta

“A great combination of East/West, soundly implemented with compassion, skill and confidence. A foundation has been laid upon which we can build nicely.”--Corporate Manager

“Dr. Trausch knew just how far to move, and at the same time reach the maximum of progress with us.”--K. L. S. Redding

“Dr. Trausch, thank you for being a Truth-guided man. Thank Goddess for you!!!--Beth B. Chico

“Dr. Trausch’s Empowerment Workshop was so useful! When you realize you can be happy and achieve that state, you can make your situation tolerable for yourself as well as for loved ones.”--T. H. Redding, CA

“Dr. Trausch’s Empowerment Workshop was extremely provocative. An intellectual awakening!”--Anonymous

“His teaching method is what motivates me to want to do better. He makes me want to be a better person.”--Glenn A. Sacramento

“He (Dr. Trausch) is an outstanding presenter. His openness, sense of humor, and ability to put us at ease was much appreciated. I found his life-story mind blowing—a remarkable man”--C. L. Redding

“Dr. Trausch’s program took current the training K & N Engineering provides to a deeper level…Facilitator presented excellent content knowledge. The program was very insightful!!!”--Corporate Manager, Riverside

“This was one of the best workshops—it changed my way of thinking. Please bring him back for more workshops—he is outstanding!”--T. H. Red Bluff

“He is very good at empathizing--he made us feel like he knew our condition”--K. S. Phoenix

“The most incredible presentation from a superior being”--I. H. Redding

“I got a lot out of the program. Dr. Trausch is a brilliant man with a heightened awareness of human nature.”--Corporate Manager

“Dr. Trausch helped me to see things from a different perspective and approach others with honesty and without projecting my feelings onto them.”--K. G. Northern California

“I was very pleased to hear him talk, and he very much enlightened my mind.”--L. M. Trinity Center

“His skill, thoughts, and ideas were outstanding. I felt more at ease and in control than I have for a long time.”--Anonymous

“Much more time is needed—eight hours was not enough. I didn’t want the program to end.”--Corporate Manger

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