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Don't Blame the Game

Don't Blame the Game

n December 1975, then sixteen-year-old Michael Schwass sustained a crippling blow to his neck in a hockey accident, which left him paralyzed from the neck down for life. An instant quadriplegic.

Three years later his encounter with Applied Philosopher and Life Coach, Dr. Clarence Phillip Trausch, marked the launching of a transformational journey that would bring Michael to his feet - the first quadriplegic to ever walk.

At the end of each chapter, Michael is interviewed by Dr. Trausch, his long-time life coach, and co-author of Don't Blame The Game. In these encounters, wisdom and inspiration garnered from a lifetime of challenges inspires listeners, day upon day, to attain their own remarkable achievements. Penetrating questions and answers hold a treasure trove of insights into the playoff of one of life's most horrifying ordeals, faced head-on.

All over the country, Michael and Dr. Trausch’s inspiring presentations have motivated audience members to face and overcome their own personal challenges, and take command of their situations. What you are about to read is an adventure story - and an opportunity and a formula for success in any endeavor.

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