• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Virtue to Vision to Love

Enigmatic love grows silently but surely out of your dedicated exercises of virtue. Any virtue. As you engage integrity- dedicated adherence to the truth, your truth -such activity activates an unseen, inner cleansing that clears away the ego debris that inhibit and block the blissful rays of self-recognition. This self-recognition - capacity to perceive the indwelling soul's glory - transforms in an ability to approach self-realization.

This is the reason that the Path to Enlightenment necessarily beings with self-study and an early recognition of the ego flaws and vices that stand blocking that virtue-generated vision. As virtue takes root and becomes stable, self love blossoms in the mind.

This transfigures the personality and the mind toward a higher level of consciousness.

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* Read self study literature *Select an inspirational or instructive passage that captures your "growth" attention. *Determine your weakness or neglect in relation to the/its ideal. *Meditate (reflect