• Dr. Clarence Trausch


If the sure thing is that death will come, as it has to all species of life without exception, why not look into it, move toward it, and make it a home bound enterprise?

There will be many opportunities in each day to stare death in the face, to “see” it for it’s essential nature.

Alas, such occasions are actively or passively avoided, and certainly most meditators do not use this practice to their advantage, always seeing meditation as a means to bodily and emotional calm. Why?

Since meditation is a foretaste of death, the great transition, be it into nothingness or into another round of consciousness, try on the formula of St. Paul of Tarsus. Use meditation as a preparation for the inevitable great transition. The most profound sages and saints spent a lifetime preparing for and pre-experiencing death and all of its wild possibilities.

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