• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Taking "Issue"

After you find yourself ready to take issue with someone, and even find yourself at times taking an opposing stand, only to subsequently dissolve that that person's intention was entirely different than you judged, you realize at such times how suspicious and even defensive your ego is, projecting motives onto another which are your unfinished issues and arguments.

It is such moments as these that you can make real headway in self study, and educate your reacting ego to the truth- that it truly gets back what it imposes on its environment.

The moral of the story is that you should practice patience and non judgement. Altogether! Even if you miss judging someone correctly, so what? Why will be lost? That the person will have no one to point out his/her flaw and thereby go uncorrected or unpunished? Are you the mind police? Have you been commissioned to go investigating bad attitude?

This is big business in the world at large and most everyone will find issue with someone.

Well, from then will you, who are awakening, deal with such awareness of “violations” or “errors” committed in your presence?

First of all, imagine it was your business and you were authorized to correct these things.

Second, you are not “the mind police” but a soul on his or her way to the home realm. So, you must learn, and eventually respond differently, at a more enlightened level to such “violations”...

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