• Dr. Clarence Trausch

See the Sun Shine

Since mystics, and recently theoretical physicists, know that past and future are not true reality- rather, past, present, and future are one holistic present- why not begin to enjoy that fresh reality? When the sun is out, people love it, bask in it, feel good- warmth, light, calm. When cloud cover comes, many people feel a loss, gray, down, no warmth to wrap their bodies in. And, when the cold rain, sleet, or snow falls down from the clouds, people feel even farther from the sunshine. Perhaps even become depressed with the loss.

But, think!

The sun is still there with it's shine and warmth! Alas! Out of sight- out of mind for many. With a shift of mind the suns goodness can be recalled. It was - it is- always there. No real passage of time- now sun, now clouds, now sun again. Always sun!

But you forget it in the apparent passage of time, then when the clouds clear, you "remember".

Why not begin to craft a "sunshine consciousness"? Why not learn to fill your inner gaze upon the reality of the sunshine? You cannot deny what I tell you about this metaphor when it comes to improving your perspective! Why not create a practice that promotes this rise in conscious awareness? And this perspective is cultivated by finding a teacher, a guide, studying yourself and meditating.

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