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Is it possible to conceive that you could achieve a level of consciousness and presence that just by being, you serve humanity's hunger for belonging? Is it unreasonable to believe that by achieving such depth of presence, your own longing for unity and belonging is satisfied?

Consider how you, like others, go from day to day unconsciously seeking from a destitute world the solace that lies deep within your soul-self. Do you ever, perhaps in a moment of loss, peek inside and experience an instant of that contentment?

When I say "go home" this is what I mean. Go home! Look inside of your house. Is it in order? Is it unfamiliar? Lonely? Go there; get familiar with your home. Take a "seat" and breathe. Resist the urge to do something, or to flee. Wait. Be patient. Face the many obstacles that may assault you - boredom, anxiety, sadness. This is where your journey to your own self begins.

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