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Q & A: Meditation

Updated: Feb 8

Q. Why is meditation so hard?

Meditation Is not that hard. Novice meditators make it hard in a number of ways. They don’t practice. They don’t receive instruction from one who is an authentic meditation teacher. They have incorrect expectations about meditation. They don’t (have not learned to) connect their meditations to their daily lives. They don’t nourish their meditations with inspirational literature. Their lives are not in accord with the essential purpose of meditation. They have unaddressed life faults that disrupt subtle meditative states. They have not committed to raising their consciousness, which is the very foundation upon which meditation practice depends.

As one remains in a meditative state, reactivities to life’s vagaries diminish and consciousness expands, providing broader and deeper understanding of the mysteries of life, both psychological and mystical. That budding understanding generates an expanding appreciation of the meaning and necessity of unity consciousness, and why and how such appreciation is essential for freedom from anxiety and loneliness.

Q.If meditation seems to not come naturally or I am met with resistance when I try to meditate, why do it?

If you are exposed to exceptional cold for a long period, it will gradually permeate your whole body and freeze you, regardless of the preexisting warmth your body holds. Similarly, when you remain in a meditative state, calmness sets in and permeates your whole mind and body. That serenity gradually pervades your entire being and generates a growing contentment. The question remains, is attaining that state of being worth the effort relative to your life in general?

Most people who find and utilize meditation regularly believe it is worth the effort.

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