• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Putting Out the Fire

Wise people realize that emotional reactions may influence too much of their lives. They should know, also, that learning and exercising skillful intention can eventually quell the chemistry of emotional reactivity and unruly urges.

Disciplining oneself in small even unrelated ways can be directly applied to more disturbing proclivities and actions. For example, practicing standing up straight or stopping throughout the day to take several deep- well regulated and conscious breaths, will exercise and strengthen both awareness and will power, ready to be applied to more critical emotionality.

As one’s awareness and discipline skills grow in general, it will spill over to other, more needed areas.

Formula: At the first appearance of an unruly passion, or even an inclination, flee to your meditation chair and burn it out! Conjure its image and force it down no matter how compelling it appears. Expose it by immovable, unresponsive will. If this is too much, then retreat and cultivate will.

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