• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Object Subject Perspective

Do you argue to learn? Or to win? Objectivist? Or Relativist? Argue to win is at its base, investment in protecting deeply engrained interjects and the people or institutions promoting them. What could prompt people to depart from truth: reality, fact, the obvious?

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Over a period of time I have become able to access a portion of the akashic related to the mysteries of existence and more specifically to how the universe works. Having mounted a full knowledge quest

Logic: reason, rational, fact, truth, certainty, inclusive, open, broad, obvious, free, unbound, educated, calm, clarity, purity, accurate, right, expansive. Error: Delusion, fantasy, urgency, cloudy,

Since mystics, and recently theoretical physicists, know that past and future are not true reality- rather, past, present, and future are one holistic present- why not begin to enjoy that fresh realit