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"Next State" Way

Homo sapiens have conjured seemingly endless creations from the resources of mind and crafted them into myriad shapes, sizes, and functions, supposedly to improve mankind's circumstances on a material world. Few it is, however, that have used these electrochemical processes to conjure a genuinely better world, a world of spirit, that is not subject to the forces if entropy and decay, as is the common existence.

This prospect may seem an impossible dream to most people, and so it is, since so few are able to actualize such a utopian state. The genuine seeker, however, is eventually able to craft this non-material state of consciousness, far different from the deluded, demented state claimed by the pseudo-seeker.

Authentic truth-bearers have put in time, and the effort to heal and purify themselves thus effecting their worthiness to enter into the state of knowing and joy gained by the self-realized. This is "next state" consciousness.

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