• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Mind/Body Medicine Interventions

Stillpoint Associates experts work with you to create a healing plan that brings appropriate practices and techniques to focus on your disorder or malady. An array of interventions to positively influence health and promote healing is available through Mind/Body Medicine. Below is a partial list of defined interventions.

Biofeedback Training is a process of making unconscious or involuntary bodily processes (such as heartbeat, brainwaves, respiration) perceptible to the senses in order to manipulate them and bring them under conscious influence.

Hypnosis is an awake but compelling altered conscious state of hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by use of a combination of relaxation, fixed attention, and suggestion. It is a state in which suggestions have a particularly potent effect. In hypnosis, a strong mental expectancy for healing is produced, while doubts, fears, and resistance to healing are diminished or removed. Brain chemistry, through the agency of the mind, automatically and naturally communicates this healing expectancy to all cells and organs of the body, including the cells of the immune system.

Meditation is a deceptively subtle practice for concentrating, strengthening, and stilling the mind that allows a heightened sense of awareness, clarity, centeredness, and peace to emerge. Meditation is often used in promoting an individual’s religious and spiritual belief, and in fostering an atmosphere conducive to healing. Meditation is so thoroughly effective in reducing stress and tension that in 1984, the National Institutes of Health recommended meditation over prescription drugs as the first treatment for hypertension.

Guided Imagery is a vast and profound technique designed to unleash the power of mind to evoke positive physical responses in the reduction of stress, slowing heart rate, stimulating the immune system, and reducing pain. This sister of hypnosis is a part of the rapidly emerging field of Mind/Body Medicine, and when properly taught, can also serve as a highly effective form of self-care.

Breathwork is the application of scientific principles of life-breath energy, especially of Kriya, and other Healing Yogas, to the connection between breath, body, feeling, mind, and spirit. These principles are employed in calming the body, quieting the emotions, stilling the mind, strengthening concentration, creating clarity and focus, generating energy, and empowering the spiritual self in the promoting successful healing change.

Healing Yoga is the application of the healing aspects of various esoteric components of Raja Yoga, especially Asana and Pranayama Yoga, which focus especially on healing of the body through breath energy and movement.

Exercise and Movement enlist the body’s material resources in building a platform upon which the body’s healing systems are launched, and are essential elements in every health program, and figure prominently in a formidable healing plan.

Prevention is the foremost means of promoting and improving strong health, and holds an eminent place in Stillpoint’s Mind/Body Medicine protocol, whether or not a client has a manifest chronic disease. The research is overwhelming in its clarity about the value of preventive measures.

Take, for example, the Mayo Clinic’s simple statement regarding heart attack research: “To cut your risk of a heart attack in half, walk out your front door. Keep on going for about 15 minutes, then come home.”--Mayo Clinic Health Letter, December 20, 2002.

Or the National Institutes of Health on the ravages of aging: “Exercise is the most effective anti-aging pill ever discovered.”--National Institutes of Health

Lifestyle Change is a component of Mind/Body Medicine in which one becomes involved in his or her own healing plan of action. It is a commitment necessary to generate the mind chemistry needed to make any potential and dormant healing work. Without such a proactive attitude, and facing of the challenges of positive change, little or nothing happens.

Self-Study is the process by which a client learns how his or her thinking, feelings, behaviors, and personal environmental conditions may be contributing to disease. It is the means of lighting up the path to personal healing, and optimal health.

Scientific Studies in the thousands have demonstrated the efficacy and healing benefits of each of these Mind/Body Medicine techniques. Consuming such scientific research in areas related to an individual health condition promotes understanding, and the resulting confidence in the mind/body process that spells early healing. Each client is provided with access to that original research.

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