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Higher States

What to do when there is no hope:

-of avoiding pain and suffering

-of a safe existence

-of planetary survival

-of overcoming death

Happiness (or that which equates to its components: certainty, sufficiency, serenity) cannot be pursued- it must evolve! That is, happiness is a consequence of something that promoted it. Many things can be considered relevant to this list.

At the most mundane levels, simple pleasures that satisfy human appetites work. At intermediate levels, things that not only make life more pleasant, but things that promote life and increase security and contentment – social intercourse, expression of talents, generosity, abundance – are important. At the apex of this happiness list are things that appeal to meaning, unity and mutual benefit. At this stage of consciousness, great attachment to physical survival and avoidance of suffering are not so compelling, for a purpose driven existence erodes great fear of death, or dying, and a deeper trust in the wisdom of the universe’s ultimate good will is strong. At this stage of psycho-spiritual evolution, deep insights into the higher order of existence quells the restless soul and increases tranquility.

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