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Hidden Agenda

When you offer me attractive choices, or more suggestions, that are for my benefit or otherwise pleasing, your motives are mixed. It would be easy to give you credit for your thoughtfulness, or thank you outright, but such a response is difficult because I am aware of a/your hidden agenda – that your suggestions are secretly motivated by a personal outcome riding on the original gesture.

For example, you offer to pay for dinner at a special seafood restaurant that you “know I would just love” while not knowing at all whether I like or even can eat seafood. Your original public kindness is secretly self-serving and you tried to sneak it through what would be an otherwise generous and charming offer.

It is important for you, seekers, to learn of and study how you (and others) express these hidden self-serving communications and behaviors. Otherwise, how will you become clear and pure, and attain the peace and joy of the authentic being?

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