• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Handling temptation

According to the law of karma, all desire must be fulfilled, and all actions must reap their consequences. This means that all that a person deserves- that which is rewarding as well as that which is punishing- will come seeking him out. And until whatever lesson is to be learned is attained, karmic fruits cannot long be avoided.

This is not to say that lessons cannot be learned in other ways, vicariously for example, and thereby satisfy the karmic debt or requirement/desire.

Since this is so, there will be no need for a person to entertain or seek out dangerous situations since such misguided or willful behavior may well result in one being seduced and tempted in his own game. Indulging temptations in the name of overcoming them is at best the unconscious attempt of a novice to obtain the secondary fruits of the illicit experience.

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