• Dr. Clarence Trausch

For Love of Self

If you seek a state of enduring joy to attain clarity of the mind and purity of heart.... the journey alone will present you with the blissful goal. However, do you want to acquire that state before you have achieved such clarity and purity?

A caution! If you seek the state itself without loving the qualities that make that journey possible, I fear you will be surely disappointed.

It is the appreciation of the virtues along with their vigorous pursuit that generates the joy. And that joy radiates from the growing love of Self maturing on the path itself.

Therefore, know that the seeker, the path, and the goal must become One Entity. As the love of transforming self develops from two becoming one, and one becoming zero.

As a limited seeker embraces virtue and works through vices, magic happens as the seeker realizes self is Self! With continued endeavor, self love matures from two to only one, and then a state of joy emerges. Eventually self consciousness itself fades and only bliss resides.

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