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Experience of Love - Mystery School Questions

Q: I know now that what I felt when you looked through all my earthbound layers is nothing but love. What you said at the end of the Zoom call, that you see us all at our best and don't care about our mistakes, I felt love again. Those are peak experiences for me. Let me know if I'm mistaken! Is that love the same as your grace? 

Also, is the meditation practice of Lectio Divina that you described also a way to learn to be open, to surrender? Surrendering to letting in and receiving that unconditional love? Because for me, that's what it's all about. 

Dr. Trausch Response: Grace is the unmerited favor, the unconditional acceptance and welcome that radiates from the wellsprings of love.  And, the essence of love is the response to the original recognition of Oneness of all phenomena.  Homo sapiens are sentenced to the body-prison to learn the lessons of love, feel and respond to the grace offered them to aid in seeing through the myriad disguises appearing in the cosmos.  When all these forms are reabsorbed by a purified ego, liberation is experienced.

The feelings you experience are the result of coming in contact with that ever-present, ever-radiating reservoir of Welcome. Your own personal mistaken idea of unworthiness is swept away for a  moment for you to “see” and "feel" clearly and deeply, and the experience is overwhelming. The goal of all we do in these mystery studies is to remove the delusion of being less, limited, lost, and replace it with the expansive state of Self-realization.  Forget about surrendering for now, and practice the many virtues. This, however, is work, and should not be diminished.  All the Anava-level practices, including Lectio Divina, are the variety of high-level actions meant to clear the clutter of delusion.  For you, one or another practice  may suit you better than another.  Choose those that seem to resonate with you most, and permit you to penetrate the mysteries more deeply.  Or, choose them all, migrating from one to another as they seem to capture your interest. 

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