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Evolving Love

As the lower level of love, affection, is experienced in all its desirous forms, due to a preexisting resolution to seek and obtain higher forms of true love, the indwelling spirit of truth transforms, piece by piece, and affection turns into purer and rarer forms of love. A love that is freed from the influences of emotion and entanglement, and rather infused with the more attractive and joyous purer love, increasingly devoid of attachment or urgency.

Further, as this process evolves, the neediness and urgency of relationship slowly evaporates and is replaced with trust and eventual certainty that the beloved’s love is genuine and permanent.

Lower forms of love- affection, sensuality, devotion, attraction, concern, and care- are typical experiences for human beings who, in a lifetime, rarely seek the experience of a higher form of love, such as appreciation, gratitude, generosity, compassion, kindness, let alone conceive of more evolved worship, adoration, union, liberation and truth.

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