• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Evolving Answers

Answers to the mysteries of existence are not available at the level of consciousness of most human beings. Much like an otherwise intelligent child could not understand the functions of a combustion engine, or the meaning of pi, or why her parents are divorcing, the mind of adult humans is mostly not capable of understanding the meaning of existence. Without the benefit of mystical transformation, an evolved state of consciousness can be accelerated by self-study and improvement and meditation as part of a disciplined practice.

As consciousness is expanded, more and more knowledge is infused into the mind, deepening its capacity to understand the esoteric insights that occur. Such insights contribute to even grater capacity for wisdom and breadth of understanding of the nature of reality.

As wisdom flourishes and becomes stable, seekers increasingly lose interest in the world’s affairs, noticing them as if from afar, as they enjoy the waves of fresh knowledge of creation’s meaning.

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