• Dr. Clarence Trausch

Embracing Both

Turn prayer and belief into self fulfilling prophecy by the power of intention.

If honoring the Truth frees you from everything, how does it free you from even pain? Embracing pain and its cause as legitimate and knowing its existence as just as valid as the pleasure that removes the pain producing resistance that created the pain in the first place. Pain and pleasure are polarities and when they are both neutralized by embracing both, pain as it is known begins to in time evaporate in favor of tranquility.

Strengthen character, will power, and freedom from scripted weaknesses such as immobilizing anxiety and unbridled reactivity by:

-Meditating on the self-actualized personality

-In deeply generated calm, revisit anxiety producing senses and return home to center

-Sharing aloud originally weak, now-developing strengths.

-Creating short, powerful statements of self-truths to recite aloud.

-Create a self-serving narrative, vis-à-vis various past/future trouble situations. Add power strengths to recite aloud.

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