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a transition

Hello :) My name is haley and I have been running this website since its re-creation a few years back. I have been orchestrating the logistics and operations of the website while often instigating the discussions and conversations that have been shared through this medium. This process has been joyfully conducted through the oversight of Dr. Trausch.

From this point forward, all posts are going to be solely chosen, reviewed, and posted by me, potentially with the additional insight of kindred students. I believe that Dr. Trausch has an immense trust in my representation of him, yet I felt it is important to make this distinction.

Going forward, I will continue to publish the same content that has been delicately chosen from the wealth of knowledge and instruction Dr. Trausch has produced over his life. I have a rather large collection of writings, videos, and recordings from over Clarence's lifetime that I will post throughout my organization of them.

It is my intention to continue to share the numerous lessons that Dr. Trausch lovingly left behind as an expression of gratitude for the ability to experience the presence of someone who I see as the true embodiment of the guru principle.

with love,


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