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"I am left with a couple of questions about pain. First, where does pain fall under this sense of liberation? Second, does quantum healing work for everyone if they are on this path (I am halfway through the book)? Third, does all pain--physical psychological--boil down to ignorance? But I also know that not all enlighten beings are in constant perfect health, so does some bodily pain just require a perspective shift, like the one you told me about your knee pain, and not so much quantum healing? Rather, it seems due to some inner inspiration one should know which to cure (maybe cancer) and wish to endure (like need pain), is that correct?

Dr. T Response: 

Pain and suffering are handled through the concept and implications of karma.  Every limited being has (some) karma to exhaust.  The ratio between remaining karma and exhausted karma changes as the seeker evolves toward liberation via his/her quest for freedom from suffering. Similarly, the ratio between ignorance and knowledge changes in the same way, and a seeker is able to manage/alter/limit, even eliminate (some) pain as he/she evolves, thus leaving a bewildering array of seekers and their material/spiritual conditions.  

A treatise like Quantum Healing is meant to assist to varying degrees anyone seeking to improve their physical health.  As you realize, most people do not believe in such “unscientific” lessons and therefore are not able to utilize those spiritualized material aids.  Therefore, quantum healing does not work for everyone.  

As for me and my knee pain, I am able to mitigate the pain, even eliminate it.  However, everything—and that includes pain—has its purpose, and can be used in ways for making progress in ways far beyond its apparent cause—suffering.  You know this, for example, in accepting the idea of “good pain.”  Who is to limit the extent to which pain can be conceived as beneficial, to whatever degree, in any physical, psychological, or spiritual capacity?  Pain is there ranging from “the effect of karma” to “the mechanism of awaking.”  

Therefore, to answer another of your questions, pain ranges from “ignorance” all the way to “blessing.” As far as enlightened beings goes, who knows what their pain is for!  Digging out some remaining personal samskara (psychogenetic proclivity) to taking on the burden of some troubled and worthy seeker.

As awakening in an individual dawns he/she will increasingly know what to endure and what can safely be eliminated, as that soul’s ratio between ignorance and knowledge advances. And therefore, your summary is correct:  “Rather, (to end or endure pain) seems due to some inner inspiration one should know which to cure (maybe cancer) and wish to endure (like knee pain).”

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