Founded in 1995 by Dr. Clarence Phillip Trausch, Ed.D., Stillpoint Institute is an association of practitioners dedicated to personal and spiritual growth  Stillpoint Institute Associates embrace the principle that expanding consciousness is a primary goal of human life, and that such consciousness will be expressed through the gradual integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social aspects of life. 

Stillpoint Mind/Body Medicine Associates, a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) limb of Stillpoint Institute, is a holistic spirit, mind, and body growth association that offers a creative and fertile environment in which individuals and groups may work to bring external activities into harmony with an inner, unifying principle. To that end, Stillpoint Institute offers education in present centered living, expressed uniquely through the talents of its associates, practitioners, and educators. 

Combining the research of modern science, and the wisdom of the great ancient healing traditions, Stillpoint Mind/Body Medicine Associates provides health consumers with the principles and the tools necessary to transform and heal themselves, their families, and their communities. 

To this end, Stillpoint Associates offers Mind/Body Medicine (MBM) as a service within the vast field that is Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). 


Mind/Body Medicine refers to a collection of holistic principles and practices that individually, or collectively, enlist and unleash the powers of mind in promoting health, healing, and well-being. Some Mind/Body Medicine interventions include guided imagery, psychoneuroimmunology, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, energy breath training, psychoeducation, intentional healing, and selected faith practices according to individual clients’ beliefs. 


In order to promote and maintain the most effective outcome for an individual client, Stillpoint Mind/Body Medicine Associates maintain active collaborative relationships with practitioners of traditional medicine and CAM in the community.  

Therefore, a Stillpoint Associate will work with you, and if you wish, with your primary health care provider, to create a healing plan that brings appropriate complementary interventions to your particular circumstances. 

Stillpoint Associates’ primary service is to individuals and their families. Additional service offerings include groups, agencies, organizations, and businesses. Formats include seminars, workshops, retreats, and keynote presentations.