Dr. Trausch, a former Divine Word Missionary monk of 8 years, a former police homicide and criminal investigator of ten years, and a psychotherapist, educator, lecturer, and consultant of 15 years. He holds master's and doctoral degrees in education and counseling psychology from Northern Illinois University. He has graduated from the Gestalt Institute of Chicago, Loyola Medical School Sexual Therapy Clinic, and the Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco. He is a faculty member of both the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and the University of Phoenix.

He has conducted and published his dissertation research in the area of meditation, self-actualization, and intuition. His research demonstrates a statistically significant relationship between extrasensory perception, and self-actualized qualities resulting from long-term meditation practice.

Dr. Trausch has traveled and lived in India and other Far Eastern countries during the 1980s, studying principles and practices of the great wisdom traditions, especially meditation, mind/body medicine, and both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy and psychology.

For two decades he has taught and practiced Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Body/Mind Medicine principles, and applied metaphysics. He has conducted hundreds of extended meditation retreats in wilderness, monastic, and organizational settings. During this time he has directed both the Center for Counseling Arts, a holistic health center, and Anava Hermitage, a 220-acre retreat center in the Midwest, where he conducted psychospiritual growth intensives, and guided seekers.

He is the founder of Clarion Consulting Services, through which he and his team consults with business executives, government, and other key individuals. In addition to the centerpiece service, Keynote Presentations, services include the application of wisdom principles from transpersonal, inspirational and motivational psychology, to personal, professional, and business success, in the form of personal Self-Mastery, Empowerment, and Intuition Development workshops, Motivational presentations, Creative Problem-solving, and Life-coaching sessions, by phone, on-line, and in person.

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